HHA have set up automatic user tidy up rules in HHCApp to best manage the volume of users in our system.

If you meet either of the following criteria, then your login will be deleted, or your auditor role removed.

The "role" of auditor will be removed if you:

  • Have old session data (collected > 2 years ago) AND
  • Username was created >1yr ago AND
  • Your last log in was >2yrs ago OR you have never logged in 

Your login will be deleted if you:

  • Have NO data AND 
  • Username was created >1yr ago AND 
  • Your last log in >2ys ago OR you have never logged in

If you have been affected by this, please contact your hand hygiene lead for your organisation for assistance, or if you are the organisation lead please contact your jurisdictional lead or HHA.