Auditor Training

The HHA hand hygiene compliance auditing method is by direct observation of healthcare workers. Direct observation by trained and validated observers is the gold standard to monitor compliance with the 5 Moments for hand hygiene, and allows the comparison of complaince rates nationally.

To ensure the consistency and validity of the data submitted to HHA as part of the NHHI, HHA have developed a standardised training and validation processes. 

There are two types of Hand Hygiene Auditors - ‘Gold standard’ Auditors (GSA) and general auditors (GA). To become a GSA, participants need to attend and be validated during a HHA led workshop. More information about the HHA Gold Standard Auditor workshops can be found here. GSAs are able to train general auditors, however, they are required to follow the HHA Mandatory Training requirements. More information about training general auditors can be found here.