Auditor Validation Requirements

Annual validation is a method of ensuring all auditors remain up-to-date with their knowledge of the 5 Moments definitions and audit practices. This in turn ensures valid and reliable data being submitted as a part of the National Hand Hygiene Intiative.

All trained auditors, both Gold Standard and general auditors, need to complete annual validation to maintain their auditor status. This is a HHA requirement, and if not met will result in the auditor being removed from the Hand Hygiene Compliance Application (HHCApp), resulting in an inability to enter data.

Annual validation requirements include:

  • Collection of 100 moments being entered into HHCApp against the auditor's name
  • Completion of the Annual Auditor Online Learning Module

It is the responsibility of the Hand hygiene lead for each organisation to ensure all auditors meet their annual validation requirements. Auditors who have not met the above criteria are required to follow the Lapsed Auditor Pathway found at the bottom of the below document.

(revised July 2017)