Poster Report

Department poster reports were released last year and have been a very popular addition to the available reports in HHCApp.

Poster reports have been updated and are now available at a range of levels depending on the access of the user. Organisation Administrators will now be able to get an organisation poster as well as the previous department posters. Region Administrators can get a poster for their region as well as for their organisations and departments.

Click on Poster Report under Standard Reports.

To get an organisation poster and all of the department posters - leave the Department filter at 'All' and select 'Departments' in the 'Include' filter. If you only want an organisation poster, then leave the 'Include' filter at 'None'.

Poster filters

Nominate a Primary Contact

A Primary Contact can now be assigned in HHCApp.

If your organisation has more than one Organisation Administrator, please assign a Primary Contact. This lets us know who we should contact if we need to get in touch with your organisation.

Click on the 'Edit List' button, click on the blue star and click 'Save'.  

Primary contact

 Automatic update of HHCApp users

There is now two automatic updates that occur overnight for all HHCApp users:

1. Deletion of user
HHCApp users who meet the following criteria will be deleted from HHCApp:

  • Created >1 year
  • No data
  • Never logged in OR Hasn't logged in for >1 year

If you need to reinstate a deleted user please contact HHA

2. Removal of role
HHCApp users who meet the following criteria will have their 'role' removed (e.g. auditor is one of the assigned roles in HHCApp)

  • Created > 1 year ago
  • Has session data but no data added for >1 year
  • Never logged in OR Hasn't logged in for >1 year

Administrators in HHCApp are able to reinstate auditor roles once the auditor has passed the lapsed auditor pathway