Advisory Committee

The Hand Hygiene Advisory Committee will:

  • Provide a point of liaison between the Hand Hygiene project team, the Commission, the jursidictions and the private sector hospitals in regard to hand hygiene initiatives
  • Provide technical advice on implementation options for the strategy and priorities identified by the Commission and others for the National Hand Hygiene Initiative across the public and private acute sectors
  • Provide implementation guidance with jurisdictions, the private sector, Aged Care sector, and with consumers
  • Make recommendations to Hand Hygiene Australia on short term and long term implementation strategies of the National Hand Hygiene Initiative.



Name Position Representation
Prof Lindsay Grayson Director / Hand Hygiene Australia Chair
Tracy Clarke      Deputy Director Governance and Assurance /NSW CEC NSW Health Representative
Lucy Hughson CNC TIPCU/ Tasmania Dept of Health & Human Services  Tasmanian Health  Representative
Irene Wilkinson Communicable Disease Control Branch SA Health SA Health Representative
Josephine Smith Director - Clinical Effectiveness/ Quality, Governance and Risk, ACT Health ACT Health Representative
Sara Watson or Jenny Salt Clinical Quality and Patient Safety/Department of Health, Northern Territory Government NT Health Representative
Toni McLean ADON Infection Control/ Communicable Diseases Branch, Department of Health, QLD QLD Health Representative
Sue Grieg Senior Project Officer – HAI/ACSQHC ACSQHC Representative– HAI Program/National Standards
Jan Gralton Senior Project Officer – HAI/ACSQHC ACSQHC Representative–HAI Program
Lisa Murphy

Manager, Indicator Development/ACSQHC

ACSQHC Representative–Indicator development and reporting
Marcelle Noja Representative/ Australian Government Department of Health DOH Representative
Jim Doumtses Victorian Department of Health and Human Services VIC Health Representative
Rebecca McCann      Program Manager/ HAI Unit of WA Department of Health WA Health Representative
Wendy Beckingham President/ACT Infection Control Association, ACT

ACIPC Representative

Carol Moore Clinical Risk/ Quality Manager, Adelaide Community Healthcare Alliance (Healthscope) Australian Private Hospital Association (APHA)
Sally Havers   National Manager/Hand Hygiene Australia HHA Manager