The HHA learning modules are freely accessible to all users, without the need to be registered in the HHA learning system. By being registered and having your organisation name appear in the drop down box to choose from on registration as a new user, you are gaining the ability to run reports in the system of staff completions of the modules.

If you wish to be able to run completion reports, please provide the below information in an This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we can set up your organisation in the learning system. Please ensure you email HHA from your workplace email, and include your position details to show why you need access to your organisation reports.

Name of organisation:
Name and email of person requiring reporting access: (can have more than 1)
Please ensure that the person requiring reporting access has already registered in the system as a learner.

Please note: each staff member is still required to complete the individual registration process to create their own profile the very first time they attempt to use the system.