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National Data Period Two 2018

National data for Audit 2 2018 has now been released - click here to view it

(National data is available on the website after the NHHI Advisory Committee meeting. This occurs approximately 6 weeks from the close of the audit period).

HHA Workshop At the ACIPC Conference

HHA are pleased to announce the we are running our annual Hand Hygiene workshop in conjunction with the ACIPC conference.
Cost : Free of Charge
Location : Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre
Date : Sunday 18th November 2018
Time : 1300 - 1700
Registration can be made via: http://www.acipcconference.com.au/
Please note that you do not need to attend the ACIPC conference to attend the HHA Workshop, but you do need to use the conference portal to register to attend the HHA workshop.
The Program will be available on the HHA website in the near future.
We hope to see you there.

Blood Collection Guidelines

Updated Blood Collection Guidelines are now available. These guidelines are not intended to be a technical document on how to collect blood but rather a guidance document for when hand hygiene should be performed when blood is collected. There are 2 documents available:


HHCApp - New department Type - 'Emergency Services'

HHA have recently reviewed all departments in HHCApp that have the department type 'Emergency Department'.
Following definitions from the Australian Institute on Health and Welfare (AIHW), Emergency Departments must meet the following criteria:
    • Purposely designated and equipped area with designated assessment, treatment and resuscitation areas.
    • Ability to provide resuscitation, stabilisation and initial management of all emergencies.
    • Availability of medical staff available in the hospital 24 hours a day.
    • Designated emergency department nursing staff 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, and a nursing unit manager.

Non-admitted patient emergency department care NMDS 2017-18

Departments that did not meet the criteria have been changed to 'Emergency Services'.


HHCApp user tidy Up

The HHCApp User Tidy Up continues. Organisations will continue to be reviewed to ensure that all auditors are meeting the current requirements. Organisations will then be contacted with an individualised list of auditor compliance. 


Once your organistion has been reviewed, HHA request that the following be completed in order to ensure all auditors are validated and up to date.
Please ensure that those auditors who:
1. HAVE NOT completed the online module, do so
2. HAVE collected some data but not enough, collect enough to meet the 100 moments requirement
3. HAVE NOT collected any data, as indicated on the spreadsheet, follow the lapsed auditor pathway found here.

HHA would appreciate the above steps being completed within one month of receiving the email. After this time we will be in contact with you to ensure this follow up has occurred and any auditors who have not completed the outlined requirements at this time will then have their auditor role removed.

In addition, HHCApp has an automated process that updates daily. Auditors who have not collected any data in more than 2 years will have their auditor role removed. These auditors will become “users” in HHCApp (not deleted) and will be able to have their profile reattached as an auditor once you are able to confirm that they have successfully completed the lapsed auditor pathway.

Administrators will lose access if they have not logged in for the last 2 years.
If there is anyone who this affects that still requires access, please reply with their name, email and if possible HHCApp username and we can have them reinstated.

HHCApp - department type Definition - Radiation Oncology

Radiation Oncology departments should be assigned Department Type 'Radiology'. If you have a Radiation Oncology department in your department list in HHCApp, please check that it is assigned to the correct Department Type.

How to change Department Type

>Organisations tab (horizontal menu, top of page)

2018 Aug HHCApp top menu orgs

>Select organisation under blue line
>Departments tab (vertical menu, right side of page)

2018 Aug Org menu departments

> Click on Department Name under the blue line

2018 Aug Department details RadOnc

>Select Department Type 'Radiology'
> Save

HHCApp - User Role Restructure - coming Soon

HHCApp is about to undergo a restructure of User Roles:
  • Organisation Administrators and Audtiors will remain unchanged.
  • Department Administrators will transition to a 'Data Entry' role.
  • The NUM role will transition to a 'Reporter Role'.
The big change will be the amount of flexibility in asssigning different roles to different levels without clashes in the role functionality. For example a user may be assigned:
a Reporter role for one department and an Auditor role for whole organisation.
an Auditor role in one department at one organisation and an Administrator role at a different organisation
a Reporter role only at several organisations (no administrative functionality)
The access available to each user will be at the discretion of the Organisation/Region Administrator who will be able to tailor access for each user according to their requirements

HHCApp - Save as PDF 

Currently, there is an issue with saving custom report graphs as a PDF. Until this issue is resolved, custom report graphs can still be saved using a modern browser via the Print button, and then choosing 'Save as PDF' as the printer destination.

After generating a graph, click on the print button below the graph.

2018 Aug PDF download

Click on the 'Change' Destination button.

2018 Aug Print destination

Select 'Save as PDF'. This will change the Print button to the Save button.

2018 Aug save as PDF